Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about ILLiad

How do I request an interlibrary loan?

Log on to the Interlibrary Services system with your HVCC Username and password. First-time users will need to complete a one-time registration form.

  1. Choose the type of material you are requesting under "Submit Request" on the left column.
  2. Complete the request form with as much information as possible regarding your desired material. Fields with a red star are required to process your request.
  3. Click submit at the bottom of the form.

You will be notified when your interlibrary loan request arrives or if we have questions about your request.

Why do I need to log in to make a request?

Your log on verifies that you are eligible to use interlibrary loan services, and it provides security for your account. Additionally, we handle all interlibrary loan requests electronically, which allows us to serve you more rapidly and accurately.

Why can't I log into my ILLiad account?

Dwight Marvin Library has transitioned to the use of campus usernames (j.staff, m.faculty3, etc.) and passwords for ILLiad as of July 2013. Students who did not use their HVCC Username will need to login to ILLiad using their HVCC username and password and complete a one-time registration form. Faculty, staff, and administration should login using their HVCC username and password.

What if I forget my HVCC Username and/or password?

Contact the Computer Learning Center (CLC) at or call the CLC Help Desk at (518) 629-7891. Staff are available to answer your questions during regular operating hours when the college is open.

How do I renew an interlibrary loan?

  1. Log in to your account in ILLiad.
  2. Click on the Transaction number of the item you would like to renew under the Checked Out Items section..
  3. Click on "Renew Request," which is near the top of the screen. (If "Renew Request" is not on the screen, the item is not renewable.)
  4. Notice the message at the top of the screen. You should see the following message, “This item has been requested for renewal. We will send the request to the lending library.” The system will let you know if you're asking for a renewal at the wrong time.
  5. After we send your request to the lending library you will receive an e-mail confirming we received your request. We'll e-mail you to let you know the lending library's response.

What if I receive an incomplete or unreadable copy?

If the pages are unreadable, some are missing, or you receive the wrong article contact the Interlibrary Loan office. Call us at (518) 629-7387 or send an e-mail to and include your full name, Transaction Number of the request, and what is wrong with the article so we contact the lending library.

Can a non-HVCC user use Interlibrary loan services?

No. Please contact your local public library for this service.

Can I request an HVCC book that's checked out?


Can I request a textbook?

No. Interlibrary loan does not borrow textbooks from other libraries. Textbooks should be purchased from a bookstore. Interlibrary loan is intended to be a short-term transaction to aid patrons in obtaining material not available locally. For this reason, it is our policy not to process requests for textbooks. Some professors may place a copy or two of a textbook on Reserve at the Instructional Media Center in the Library, but don't expect all professors to do this. Instructional Media Center does have a list of textbooks on reserve:

How do I get my articles when they arrive?

  1. Logon to ILLiad.
  2. The Electronically Received Article section appears at the top of the page. Articles in this section are waiting to be viewed or downloaded.
  3. Click on the icon under View to open the article.
  4. You have 30 days to do one or all of the following: view, print, and/or save the pdf.

Who do I contact if I have problems with or questions about Interlibrary Services?

Contact the Interlibrary Office with interlibrary loan questions or questions about your account. Call us at (518) 629-7387 or send an e-mail to